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About me

Hi I’m Monika! I love people and people love to feel beautiful, which is the reason I’v spent last 5 years to get very high quality of knowledge in beauty industry. I believe if you feel comfortable in your skin, then you can spend your energy loving others and enjoying life instead of worrying and being self-conscious. Feel good in your own skin-this is my motto.

I treat skin conditions, not skin types. By treating the condition you will get consistent change. If your current therapist is telling you your skin is ‘dry’, ‘oily’ or even worse still using the terminology ‘sensitive ’then it's time to come to see me. My main thing is to solve all the skin problems that you might struggle.

I look at the ‘whys’, so that we can get to the bottom of why your skin is behaving like it is. I like to look at the connection between your gut, your environment and your hormones with your skin function. That’s why Chinese natural medicine fascinate me so much.

Lastly but most importantly I like to introduce you to ingredients that your skin recognises. If your skin recognises it, it knows what to do with it. As simple as that. No rocket science required. Have a look at your current skincare and ask yourself this - ‘how does my skin recognise this’?

It will be my pleasure to help you with all your concerns. We will always have an interview to find out about your expectations from the treatment and will decide about the best option for you.

Monika Leoniuk Swierc works in beauty industry over 5 years. She accomplished American Beauty Academy in Cork with VTCT lever 3 qualifications. She finished many holistic courses, and aesthetic Beauty Med Academy in Poland.

2018 she was nominated and awarded as a Business Inspiration od Polish Women in the World



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Phone: 085 821 6491

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Phone: 085 821 6491

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